Update 2/19/2017

Finished up modeling the half ┬ápart of the substation. It’s going to look really cool when unwrapped and textured. I also finally figured out how to instance those substance textures to use in the landscape. Only problem is it doesn’t look that great. I need to do some more fine tuning of the landscape heightmaps themselves for know. Because currently the rock is filling with the snow heightmap and creating some weird looking textures blends.


Blog 2/5/2017

Alright so currently moving ahead of schedule. I generated an Alpine terrain in World Machine and then exported it to Unreal. Next I made some quick place holder textures and exported the heightmaps to texture all the terrain. I blocked in the village and the generators, along with the procedural forests. Finally, I used heightmaps and added in the terrains, changing some colors and fixing the snow areas.



Senior Portfolio Reference 1/23

For this project this semester, I am going to do something more humble in Unreal. I am doing these geothermal generators placed along a rural snowy landscape. These asset list is small, because I want the assets themselves to be done well. I’m really excited to begin this. Lighting will be really important to this scene, as well as texturing the larger generators. The last quarter of this semester will be focused on creating particles and blueprints for this scene, just to round myself out as an Unreal Environment Artist.


  • Modeled Assets
    • Generators
    • Top Lights
    • Rural Fence Post
    • Rural Fence Post Ruined
  • Foliage
    • Dead Grass
    • Dead Thistle
    • Spruce Tree
  • Materials Designer
    • Snow
    • Wood
    • Old Metal
  • Particles
    • Smoke
    • Steam
    • Snow Rift


Time Frames


  1. Reference
  2. Blockout
  3. Blockout/Modeling
  4. Modeling
  5. Modeling
  6. UVs
  7. Lighting
  8. Lighting
  9. Texturing
  10. Texturing
  11. Placement
  12. Night and Day Blueprint
  13. Weather Blueprint
  14. Particles
  15. Clean Up and Animation

Possible Tutorials:


Week 14

Well, I’ve made a lot more progress this week. I started pushing out more assets and solidifying the exterior and making more interior assets. I estimate I have about 30 more assets to create, as the bedroom is empty. This weekend and next week will be focused on that.