Well it’s been quite the crazy semester. I’ve learned a lot in this semester, more than I would have thought. Taking 18 units for my last semester here has been a wild ride.


Week 15

Well It’s getting there, I still got a lot more to work on. It seems like the problems are never ending. I mostly worked on the drones this week. I also made a basic rig, which is crazy cause it’s the first time I have ever rigged. I still need to fixing the lighting for certain areas, sometimes that shadows look like garbage. Over all, I’m pretty tired.  I also added micro detail textures to the rocks, it definitely helps for something of this big of scale

Blog Post 12

So Finished up the new trees, and created the procedural placement of the trees and rocks. Next I need to change the seed collisions for the following trees and add in different variations of fir trees. Not just one. The procedural scalability looks good. But now I need to add in more just a few more random assets like stumps and logs. Once they are done, we should have a fully varied procedural forest. 

Week 11

I realized I needed much more rocks, so I sculpted four more rocks, and since they were bigger, made them about 8k tri’s each. I also did some more material optimizations, lower the resolution on some of my textures, and worked on some particle systems. Like Getting snowflakes to move sideways and adding more tufts to my ground blow.

Week 9 Update

Started working on particles after optimization. I’m learning a lot from the particle demo that Epic released a couple years ago. One cool feature is the lock access ability. There are two layer to the ground breeze. One is axis locked breeze and the other is the end trail gust. The gust is applied later on in the particle life, to show that the breeze lifts up towards the sky. I made it red so you can see it better. It still needs some adjustments, so I’m going to add some flakes or something to it.

Blizzard TestCloud Graph2017-04-02_22-43-31ScreenShot00023

Week 8

Ok so this week was a lot of optimizing and creating different assets for the scene. The grass foliage looks good, but the bigger problem is that I need to optimize it so we can get full fields of this stuff.

Also, material calculations are chunking my framerate, so I need to figure out a way to optimise that pretty soon, without losing visual fidelity.











Added a quick wind shader to the grass. 



Week 7

Finished up most of the foliage. I’m going to update the left tree, I’m also going to sculpt one more larger rock to be placed randomly. Finally, all I have left are the posts and then I am done with assets. Next will be particles and day and night cycle.

Update 2/19/2017

Finished up modeling the half  part of the substation. It’s going to look really cool when unwrapped and textured. I also finally figured out how to instance those substance textures to use in the landscape. Only problem is it doesn’t look that great. I need to do some more fine tuning of the landscape heightmaps themselves for know. Because currently the rock is filling with the snow heightmap and creating some weird looking textures blends.