Senior Portfolio Reference 1/23

For this project this semester, I am going to do something more humble in Unreal. I am doing these geothermal generators placed along a rural snowy landscape. These asset list is small, because I want the assets themselves to be done well. I’m really excited to begin this. Lighting will be really important to this scene, as well as texturing the larger generators. The last quarter of this semester will be focused on creating particles and blueprints for this scene, just to round myself out as an Unreal Environment Artist.


  • Modeled Assets
    • Generators
    • Top Lights
    • Rural Fence Post
    • Rural Fence Post Ruined
  • Foliage
    • Dead Grass
    • Dead Thistle
    • Spruce Tree
  • Materials Designer
    • Snow
    • Wood
    • Old Metal
  • Particles
    • Smoke
    • Steam
    • Snow Rift


Time Frames


  1. Reference
  2. Blockout
  3. Blockout/Modeling
  4. Modeling
  5. Modeling
  6. UVs
  7. Lighting
  8. Lighting
  9. Texturing
  10. Texturing
  11. Placement
  12. Night and Day Blueprint
  13. Weather Blueprint
  14. Particles
  15. Clean Up and Animation

Possible Tutorials:



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