Creature Pitch: Elementals


Physical Level:

  • Ancient (Exact Age Unknown)
  • No gender
  • 15 feet tall
  • Weighs 3 tons

Social Level:

Its an autonomous creature, so it really has no feeling towards any social interaction. A natural robot bent to its owners will, it is socially oblivious.

Psychological Level:

This creature embodies the primal fury of nature, only restrained by the owners will power. It’s only emotions are anger and docility, which are turned off and on like a switch by the owners will.

Moral Level: The audience will not view the character sympathetically, there is nothing to really relate to this thing, it moves around like a gorilla, with no human connection. It exists to serve.

It’s vocal characteristics are deep grumblings followed by pyschic growls. Where this sound comes from, no one knows. The character has no dressing habits, in fact, it has no clothes at all. It has no concern for such things. The tactics of this character are one of brute force and using the strength of its fore arms to crush any foes. Standing at 15 feet tall, it easily tosses humans aside.  



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