Week 2 Change of Subject/Environment

For this project I would really much like to combine my 445 animation with 493. It’s a single cavern environment where this robotic hero fights this mechanical cyclops. The cavern is separated into three parts. We have entry, the the whole in the roof. Then we have center cavern/dungeon area where most of the conflict takes place. Finally we have the back gate/ loot pile section of the cavern.


I wanted the cavern to be of modular design, that way it streamlines the amount of assets I need to create. As far as assets go, here is a quick list

-5 sculpted wall rocks

-Tile blocks

-Wall supports

-bone pile

-loot pile

-2 debris piles

-sculpted floating rocks

-rock formations and stalagtites

-glowing mushrooms

Here are some reference images for those assets

Also for style reference I also looked at the game Journey

I then entirely blocked out the scene in UE4


I also started testing out a procedural material for the various rock formations. I have seen some interesting chages of shapes based on directional blurs and slope based grayscales. I hook up the slope blur grayscale with a perlin noise 2 for intensity, and I got some interesting rock shapes. Withrock-material-tests

The sloped blur height map.



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