Stylized Character Assignment


Physical Age: The character is in their mid twenties. Male. He is around 5’ 10”. Weighs about 150 pounds. He is Caucasian. He is extremely active, as he is the male chosen by his tribe to represent them in kingdoms far from home.

Social level: He was the best warrior of the tribe when he turned 18. One member of the tribe of Tautenburg is chosen every ten years to wander through Europa searching for beasts to slay and challenges to be met in the name of his tribe. He believes in the one god, who’s is all powerful and omnipresent. Those who do right according to their heart and strength of arms are considered righteous.

Psychological level: He is a rather humble character, forced into situations where he at first thinks he can not win, but somehow comes out on top. He is a bit bitter that he never got to live a normal life or start a family, but his sense of duty is heavier than his self pity. He hates cowardice and vice among all others, and has seen the wickedness of the rich. He feels far more at home with the likes of peasants and the downtrodden.

Moral Level: I think the audience will most certainly be sympathetic towards this character. He is a humble warrior who still believes in the old ways of honor. He has respect for true warriors, be they friend or foe. That is the Tautenburg way.

Manner of Dressing: Dresses in the traditional colors and cloak of his tribe. He is ornamented by his father’s pieces of armor and javelins made crystallized comet ore. All of his weapons have been in his family for generations.

Three major Emotions: He experiences this sense of sadness when around others. The idea of starting a family alludes him and conflicts with his feelings of duty. He also expresses eagerness to find newer challenges and enemies.

Tactics: To kill beasts, he uses his javelins from afar to try to strike at vital areas. If that isn’t enough, he will close in with his short sword and small dirk to finish the job.


A side note: I was thinking of trying out this new program called Marvelous Designer, which allows you to create impressive clothes and have total control of wrinkles.

If not, I can go into Zbrush and do it instead. I would also like to work with some cloth physics for this character.


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